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The eWater Toolkit is your one-stop shop for water and catchment management utility tools backed by a community of practice.

The Toolkit is brought to you by eWater, a publicly owned not-for-profit organisation committed to ecologically sustainable water management in Australia and around the world.

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Collaborate, share knowledge and contribute to the eWater community of practice.

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Eco Evidence is a useful tool for anyone required to review literature on a specific topic of interest, particularly those seeking answers to cause-and-effect questions from existing literature. Eco Evidence facilitates evaluation and causal assessment in environmental management, and allows better use of the extensive pool of published research. Working with Eco Evidence, users can search and access a reusable ‘knowledge bank’ to obtain a list of citations relevant to specific cause-effect associations and the ‘atomised’ information extracted from scientific papers on which to base an evidence-based systematic literature review or causal assessment.

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