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Urban water


Aquacycle is a total urban water balance model gaming tool that estimates water demand, stormwater yield, wastewater yield, evaporation, imported water use, stormwater use, and wastewater use for a particular site. It provides a preliminary assessment of the performance of both conventional and innovative water system designs.


MELS (Minimum Energy Loss (MEL) Structures) is a hydraulic design and analysis suite that enables designers to quickly trial several alternative MEL culvert designs, checking for basic structure dimensions and performance under adverse conditions such as high or low flow and sedimentation issues.



More information on music v6 is available



Water Quality Analyser is for water managers, scientists and engineers who need to analyse time-series, monitor in-stream water quality, estimate pollutant loads, or set future water quality targets.


With a straight-forward user interface and a focus on visualising data inputs and outputs, Water Quality Analyser helps to identify water quality trends and simplifies the path to a summary assessment.


Can't decide?

Consult the Model Choice series to help you choose the right catchment model for your needs.

Model Choice

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