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Current training courses

At eWater we aim to deliver training built around a framework of accomplishing your specific modelling objectives. Packages will include elements of problem exploration, best practice modelling and case studies as well as relevant functionality of the eWater software suite.

Example training packages include:

  • Building a Water Balance Model
  • Build a calibrated rainfall runoff model
  • Infrastructure
  • Demands and Supplies
  • Groundwater
  • Making an Integrated Water Balance Model
  • Building A Planning Model
  • Building A Catchment Water Quality Model

If you are interested in discussing an appropriate Source and Toolkit training package for you, please register your interest and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

We also have scheduled training courses in stormwater modelling using MUSIC. Please read the Software Training Courses page to find out more about all eWater training courses.

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