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MUSIC Version 2.0.1 (bug fix) Now Available

(posted Jan 19, 2004)

The latest version of MUSIC is an important bug fix. All of you who have previously downloaded Version 2.0.0 should download and install this new version as soon as possible. It will overwrite only those files installed for Version 2.0.0. Shortcuts on the Desktop and in the Start Menu will still refer simply to "music Version 2". It will not alter any of your data files. The MUSIC Development Team have nailed two bugs -
  • The "Negative Loads bug" - whereby MUSIC had the potential to generate negative concentrations for brief periods following short sharp flood events;
  • The "Administrator bug" - whereby users on NT/2000/XP needed to be "administrators" to successfully launch MUSIC. This was a major issue for those of you working in highly-regulated IT environments - but a non issue for those of you in more liberal organisations. So, for you over-regulated users, you'll still need an administrator to log on and install MUSIC - but thereafter you'll be able to successfully launch this version of MUSIC.
If you have any issues with how MUSIC Version 2.0.1 works or doesn't, please raise them via the MUSIC eGroup and/or through the bug reporting system on John Coleman On behalf of the MUSIC Development Team

For more information, please contact:

Name: Virginia Verrelli

Phone: (03) 9905 2704


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