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New Software, TREND has been released

(posted Aug 3, 2004)

TREND has been released and can now be downloaded from the Catchment Modelling Toolkit website. TREND is designed to facilitate statistical testing for trend, change and randomness in hydrological and other time series data. TREND can be downloaded from the TREND page at TREND has 12 statistical tests, based on the WMO/UNESCO Expert Workshop on Trend/Change Detection and the CRC publication ?Hydrological Recipes?. TREND is easy to use and is based on statistical tests that are relatively robust and easy to understand. Users can get a good appreciation of the tests by following the descriptions of the statistical tests in the User Guide for TREND and the examples in an Excel spreadsheet. The User Guide and the Excel spreadsheet can also be downloaded from

For more information, please contact:

Name: Francis Chiew


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