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music v4.1 released

(posted Jun 6, 2011)

music v4.1 released

The latest version of music is easier to install and access, with improved ability to run on different operating environments.

Download new version now.


music version 4.1 Release Notes

As part of eWater's initiative to maintain the music software into the future and to continue to include improvements, both functionality and science based, we are releasing music v4.1.
This version includes a number of bug fixes, and enhancements, that will allow users and software IT staff to manage the software in current standard operating environments.

Improvements include:-

  • Ability to run in UAC in MS Vista, Win 7 using temporary directory for temporary files - minimising the need to have the software run in administrator mode;
  • Updated Win 7 HASP drivers;
  • Enhancements to the licence management system;
  • Fix to MRT file where a column heading was incorrectly labelled;
  • Splash Screen improvement - default display screen shown when user not connected to internet; and
  • Sponsored Product Listings.


The sponsored product listings project was undertaken at the request of users and out of the need to continually improve the software and provide services to the music user community. It allows users to search a database of supplier products (mainly GPT's at this stage) and aid in choosing the most suitable product for their project. Over time the number of listings will grow and as a not-for-profit, eWater is using this paid for initiative to further develop, enhance and improve the software.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 1300 5 WATER


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