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MUSIC v5.1 out now

(posted Mar 7, 2013)

music v5.1 has improved performance speed and makes complex modelling even easier with new split-flows functionality. 'Split-flows' allows for the flow to be broken into its component parts such as low and high flow bypass, weir overflow, pipe, infiltration and reuse. Examples: Stormwater harvesting Direct individual flow components to or from treatment devices to allow for better modelling of stormwater harvesting or reuse scenarios. Treatment systems Setting up a staged treatment system where a high-flow bypass is directed into a different treatment device than the low flow has been made a much simpler task. Users can direct individual flow components both into and out of a treatment device to design the best treatment system for their conditions. Groundwater Groundwater considerations can be modelled more robustly with the split flows functionality. Surface flows can be directed on a different flow paths to the infiltrated component of the flow. Infiltration can be directed more easily based on site conditions and this will allow for more accurate modelling within sandy soil and groundwater conditions.

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