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IHACRES is now available on the Toolkit website

(posted Mar 7, 2005)

IHACRES Classic Plus is now available on the toolkit website. IHACRES is a catchment-scale rainfall-streamflow modelling methodology to characterise the dynamic relationship between rainfall and streamflow, and to predict streamflow. This version is a Java reimplementation (with enhancements) of PC-IHACRES used by hydrologists world-wide since the early 90s. The emphasis in IHACRES is on modelling identifiable catchment-scale rainfall-runoff behaviour rather than the small-scale hydrological processes by which rainfall causes streamflow. To find out more about IHACRES and download the software, go to If you have any questions about using IHACRES, please join the IHACRES e-group (an email discussion list for the software), by visiting the 'User Support' section of the web page.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Sue Cuddy

Phone: +61 -2-62465705

Fax: +61 -2-62465845


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