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History & Credit

Version history


Released: Sep 7, 2018

Changes in this version
  • Updated the software to support newer versions of Windows.


Released: Jun 15, 2005

Changes in this version
  • Extra constraints have been incorporated to substantially enhance stability of the numerical solution of the Richards' equation. The updated versions of the models are tested under extreme conditions both in terms of soils and climate. The new versions can effectively handle strongly heterogeneous soils and extreme wet and dry climate.
  • Vertical soil moisture profile plot and its variation with time can be visualised in animation mode.
  • Data / folder structure for input and output data has been changed according to the toolkit format.


Released: Mar 14, 2005

First public release


Project Leader

Jai Vaze

Development team

Jai Vaze, Jin Teng, Narendra Kumar Tuteja


Ian Johnson, Geoffrey Beale, Brian Murphy, Iain Hume, Peter Barker, Rodger Grayson, Joel Rahman, Nicholas Murray, Susan Daly, Jake MacMullin

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