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History & Credit

Version history

Version 2.1.0

Released: Jul 19, 2016

Added new Plugins

Version 2.0.5

Released: Apr 17, 2012

Added new Plugins. Corrected an issue with the sample library not loading (was expecting a plugin that wasn't available).

Version 2.0.2

Released: Jun 1, 2011

Updated the library database, now backward compatible with older versions.
New generic species plugin.
Added a sample library (accessible through the startup screen).

Version 2.0.1

Released: Jan 21, 2011

Updated the link to the online model library

Version 2.0.0

Released: Nov 11, 2010

Includes a new streamlined interface, online database and data manager

Version 1.1.0b

Released: Oct 15, 2009

Added generic models plugin Added button to duplicate a model

Version 1.0.0b

Released: Aug 13, 2009

First internal release version of Eco Modeller. for use in eWater application projects


Nick Marsh - Concept development, software design and development.

Sylvain Arene - Software development, interface design.

Tory Grice - Interface design and documentation.

Nuwan Goonasakera - Software development.

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