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Title - select for more information Author and date
A Catchment Moisture Deficit module for the IHACRES rainfall-runoff model Croke, B.F.W. and A.J. Jakeman (2004)
Performance of conceptual rainfall-runoff models in low-yielding ephemeral catchments Ye, W., B. C. Bates, N. R. Viney, M. Sivapalan and A. J. Jakeman (1997)
How much complexity is warranted in a rainfall-runoff model? Jakeman, A. J., and G. M. Hornberger (1993)
Computation of the instantaneous unit hydrograph and identifiable component flows with application to two small upland catchments Jakeman, A.J., I.G. Littlewood, and P.G. Whitehead (1990)
Evaluation of streamflow predictions by the IHACRES rainfall-runoff model in two South African catchments Dye P.J. and B. F. W. Croke (2003)
IHACRES Classic Plus: A redesign of the IHACRES rainfall-runoff model Croke, B.F.W., Andrews, F., Jakeman, A.J., Cuddy, S.M. and Luddy, A. (2006)
Redesign of the IHACRES rainfall-runoff model Croke, B.F.W., F. Andrews, A.J. Jakeman, S.M. Cuddy and A. Luddy (2005)

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