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music v5 Flyer

Download the music v5 flyer

FL2011_musicv5_web.pdf (289.50kB)

music 4 Flyer

Download the music 4 flyer for all the details about the product.

MUSIC-flyer-web-vOct.pdf (522.10kB)

Case Study #1

Describes a hypothetical urban retrofit scenario where a stormwater management strategy for a built-up catchment is to be developed.

MUSIC is used to evaluate the opportunities for constructing a swale and wetland system in an existing park, the retrofit of a wetland system in an existing retarding basin, the use of bioretention system along median of main roads etc. (1.83MB)

Case Study #2

Describes a hypothetical greenfield residential development where the street layout, cul-de-sac and entrance boulevard present opportunities for implementation of water sensitive urban design (WSUD).

The receiving water is a creek of high environmental value with relatively steep banks along the riparian corridor. (492.79kB)

Case Study #3

Describes a hypothetical case of how WSUD can be incorporated into a house allotment.

WSUD elements include the use of rainwater tanks, vegetated swales along driveways, landscape irrigation, bioretention treatment and aquifer storage. (317.25kB)

Water Engineering Australia November 2007

This article appeared in Water Engineers Australia November 2007.

Water Engineering Australia _Nov07_MUSIC.pdf (338.15kB)

Data Collection Form

LCCDataSheet _Jan06.pdf (1.24MB)

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