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Features and Limitations

Input Data

A daily rainfall and potential evaporation time series is required along with data describing the urban catchment being simulated and water usage rates. A minimum of one year of climate data is required to run the model although it is recommended that at least 10 years of climate data is used whenever possible.

Output Data

Aquacycle produces daily, monthly, and annual estimates of water demand, stormwater yield, wastewater yield, evaporation, imported water use, stormwater use, and wastewater use, as well as performance measures of any water management strategies selected. Selected monthly and annual results are displayed in graphs and tables while a full set of results can be written to file of the user to analyse further.

Caution Notes For User

The model is intended as a gaming tool rather than a design tool, giving an overall impression on the feasibility for using stormwater and wastewater at a particular site.

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