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The Invisible Modelling Environment (TIME) is a software development framework for creating, testing and delivering hydrological and environmental simulation models and as a foundation for plugins to eWater Source. TIME includes support for the representation, management and visualisation of a variety of data types, as well as support for testing, integrating and calibrating simulation models.

Target user group

TIME is intended for use by modellers who program in C# .net. Other .net languages, such as Visual Basic are also usable with TIME, though their use is not explicitly supported.

TIME is also used by application developers to produce polished, standalone, integrated modelling applications, such as the Rainfall Runoff Library and SedNet.

TIME is also used as a basis for development of customized versions of eWater Source, particularly for operational models and Decision Support Models (DSS).


While all modelling frameworks simplify the task of creating models, by providing reusable components for data handling, visualisation and model execution, TIME further simplifies the task by providing a high level, metadata driven environment for automating common tasks, such as creating user interfaces for models, or optimising model parameters. This reduces the learning curve for new developers while the use of commercial programming languages gives advanced users unbridled flexibility.

Example applications

TIME can be used to develop and test individual algorithms, such as a conceptual rainfall runoff model as well as integrated modelling applications that draw together models, data visualisation components and customised user interfaces.

Overview of features, advantage and benefits

TIME supports programmers and modellers who wish to:
  • Create, test and calibrate model components,
  • Design integrated system models that combine model components
  • Develop highly visual, customised user interfaces for applications for use by end users

TIME includes support for a number of advanced tools for the visual integration of models, calibration of models using automatic optimisers and the pre and post processing of data.

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