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Features and Limitations

Input Data

Image files can be input to the Image Library, these must be of a standard image file format (e.g. .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif).

Output Data

Conceptual Diagram files (*.cpt) are XML based files that record the diagram and all of its properties, elements and links. These files can be reopened and edited.

Conceptual diagrams can be exported as static images. Image files are saved in bitmap format (*.bmp).

Properties of a conceptual diagram (e.g. diagram metadata, elements, links and their relationships) can be exported as plain text reports and are saved as plain text files (*.txt).

Caution Notes For User

Although Concept allows for the assignment of relationship curves to element it is not a quantitative modelling tool. Any conclusions drawn from using this software are of a conceptual nature. If quantitative results are sought then a numeric model should be used.

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