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RIPRAP is a spreadsheet program for the design of rock lining (rip-rap) for bank protection.

Target user group

The program RIPRAP is designed for use by engineers in Catchment Management Authorities, Local Government Organisations, and consulting practices who are involved in river and stream rehabilitation and restoration studies or projects.


With its user-friendly interface and supporting documentation, RIPRAP is very simple to use. It is, however, a design tool and, for informed application of the program, users should have a sound knowledge of basic river hydraulics, mechanisms of bank erosion and good engineering practice with regard to river protection works.

Example applications

The RIPRAP program is an updated, WINDOWS-based, user-friendly version of an earlier DOS-based program of the same name that was developed by Ian Drummond and Associates (now Earth Tech Pty. Ltd.). The underlying theory has had wide application throughout Victoria. Many bank protection projects have been carried out using this technique at locations including the Cann and Mitchell Rivers, Victoria

Overview of features, advantage and benefits

RIPRAP provides a user-friendly interface that shows the user a range of rock sizes to be used depending on bank angle and depth chosen. This clearly shows the dramatic effect bank angle can have on rock size and the depth gradations allows the designer the option of specifiying different sizes at different depths.

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