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History & Credit

Version history

Version 2.10.1

Released: Mar 24, 2011

If a bug is found please do not use the automatic bug reporting tool as this will log bugs directly into the Source Rivers JIRA project, which is not monitored closely at present. This project has been set up in anticipation for when Source goes commercial and support will be offered through the eWater support help desk. see the JIRA list of known issues in the release documentation

Version Ongoing Incremental Releases

Released: Jan 1, 2002

There are no 'versions' of TIME in the same way that other Toolkit products have a version 1, version 2 etc. Rather, TIME is released incrementally and continuously to TIME developers using a version control server accessed using the freely available CVS software.

To get access to TIME to develop models, contact Joel Rahman (


TIME was initially developed by researchers within the CRC for Catchment Hydrology. eWater continues to develop the core capability of the framework, while researchers and developers from both within and beyond the CRC are using TIME to develop models.

CRCCH Core Development team

  • Joel Rahman (CSIRO Land and Water)
  • Shane Seaton (CSIRO Land and Water)
  • Jean-Michel Perraud (CSIRO Land and Water)
  • Harold Hotham (CSIRO Land and Water)
  • Nick Murray (CSIRO Land and Water)
  • Robert Argent (Melbourne University)


Many developers have used TIME for their own projects, contributing ideas, feedback and, in many cases, useful components back into the core team. Nick Marsh (Griffith University), David Verrelli (University of Melbourne) and Daniel Bennett (University of Melbourne) have used TIME to develop the River Analysis Package (RAP) for the toolkit. Ben Leighton, (CSIRO Land and Water) John Gallant (CSIRO Land and Water), David Pullar (University of Queensland) and others are using TIME to develop a library of terrain analysis products. Stephen Wealands and Andrew Western (University of Melbourne) are using TIME to support Stephen?s research into pattern analysis for hydrologic modelling.

The development of TIME has been greatly informed by the development of two other modelling frameworks:

  • Tarsier, developed by Fred Watson (California State University, Monterey Bay), Joel Rahman and Shane Seaton, and
  • ICMS, developed by Michael Reed, Susan Cuddy and John Coleman (CSIRO Land and Water)

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