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Title - select for more information Author and date
Targeting erosion control using spatially distributed sediment budgets. Wilkinson SN, Olley JM, Read AM, DeRose RC (2005)
Using sediment budgets to prioritise erosion control in large river systems. Wilkinson SN, Prosser IP, Olley JM, Read A. (2005)
Determining catchment scale priorities for riparian protection and rehabilitation. Wilkinson SN, Watts R, Jansen A, Olley JM, Read A, Miller T. (2005)
Large-scale patterns of erosion and sediment transport in river networks, with examples from Australia. Prosser, I. P., Rutherfurd, I. D., Olley, J. M., Young, W. J., Wallbrink, P. J. and Moran, C. J. (2001)
Sources of sediment to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. McKergow, L., Prosser, I., Hughes, A. and Brodie, J. (2005)
Investment prioritization based on broadscale spatial budgeting to meet downstream targets for suspended sediment loads Lu, H., Moran, C. J., Prosser, I. P. and DeRose, R. (2004)

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